Syrian American Wish Association is a registered 501 C (3) public charity, nonprofit Organization, founded in 2015 by a group of Syrian American Doctors and Businessmen, in response to the unfortunate current Syrian crisis. 

Where does your donation go?

SAWA donors have the choice of donating to the general donation fund, or to a specific SAWA charity fund.   Donations to the general donations fund will be allocated by SAWA staff to the most urgent charitable project at the time the donation is made. Any donation ear marked to a specific listed charity project, will be allocated as per donor's choice.  Mislabeled  donations will go to the general donation fund.

The Syrian American Wish Association has established working relationships with internationally recognized sister charities, to help distribute your donations to the needy, and displaced Syrians in the Middle East. 

our Generous donors currently have the option to choose to direct their donations to one of following four cities, Beirut, Damascus, Aleppo, and Al-Qamishli.

We recently sponsored a return to school campaign in Aleppo, providing urgently needed support to Aleppo poor students, and their families, and we are currently sponsoring a" stay warm, stay alive" campaign in Aleppo, and Al-Qamishli, providing heating fuel, and heating equipment to the needy, to help them survive the harsh winter.

The Syrian American Wish Associations had also applied to the related Syrian, and American authorities, to obtain a license to establish, and sponsor an orphange for the orphans with special needs, to be located in the suburb of Damascus.  This project is still in the approval phase, but our donors are welcome to direct their donations to it, if they so choose.

All donations are distributed to civilians in need, regardless of their religious and ethnic background.  Wish is not a party in the Syria conflict, and will only support the civilians in need. 

The Syrian American Wish Association does not deliver any direct financial, or material help to any special groups, or individuals in any part of the world.  If you are a Syrian affected by the crisis, or if you know someone who is in need, and may benefit from your donations to the Syrian American Wish Association, you may contact the Syrian American Wish Association staff in writing, to help guide you to the most appropriate way to seek help, depending on the location. 

The Syrian American Wish Association does not determine your eligibility to receive help, nor it guarantees the amount of help you may receive.  The criteria to receive help, and the amount of help is locally determined by the humanitarian workers on the ground, based on the general need, and the available resources.

All questions, requests, and suggestions should be submitted in writing through the contact us tab on the home page menu.